Cruise liner Balmoral ended the season with the highest number of visitors to date


On 12 October the cruise liner Balmoral  tied up at berth P7 and thus ended the cruise shipping season with the highest number of visitors to date in Rostock's Baltic Sea resort. In all, 892,000 cruise travellers embarked and disembarked during the 190 port calls by holiday ships this year.


Of the 190 port calls by 36 cruise vessels this year, 173 were serviced in Warnemünde and 17 at the overseas port. The largest vessel this season was the Norwegian Getaway with a gross tonnage of 145.655 and a capacity of approx. 4,800 passengers. 111 port calls by cruise vessels involved a full or partial turnaround of passengers. Rostock-based shipping company AIDA Cruises, for instance, again sent two ships on cruises around the Baltic Sea from the base port Warnemünde 40 times: AIDAdiva and AIDAmar. This year, 24 international shipping companies included the Baltic Sea port on river Warnow in their route planning.


Among the highlights of this season were five ships calling in Warnemünde for the first time and three quadruple port calls of cruise liners. First-timers in Warnemünde were Viking Sky on 28 April, MSC Magnifica on 13 May, Norwegian Getaway on 17 May, Seven Seas Explorer on 2 July and Columbus on 26 July. Four cruise liners in one day entered the mouth of river Warnow on 16 June, 26 August and 1 September.


An unforeseen situation occurred due to strong wind on 13 June during the approach of this year’s largest ship. Norwegian Getaway was only able to enter Warnemünde the next day. Around 400 passengers who had intended to go on board on 13 June had to be put up in hotels in Warnemünde and Rostock at short notice, which was successfully accomplished.


     International guests at the mouth of river Warnow


This year the majority of cruise travellers were Germans at 120,000 passengers, followed by 71,000 Americans, 38,000 Spaniards, 33,000 British, 23,000 Canadians, 22,000 Italians, 13,000 Australians and 126,000 tourists from 146 other nations. The ships also carried about 155,000 crew members from 118 countries, more than one third of whom went on shore leave.


Around 110,000 international guests went on a day trip to Berlin by train, coach or car. About 142,000 passengers set out to discover Warnemünde, Rostock or Mecklenburg-Vorpommern on day trips and 195,000 cruise passengers started or ended their cruise in the passenger port at the mouth of river Warnow.


Based on a study by Rostock University on the spending behaviour of passengers and crew members one may assume that the cruise travellers and crew members spent around Euro 20 million during the 2017 season, especially in local and regional shops, hotels and restaurants, on public transport, taxi rides and car parking in Warnemünde, Rostock and their environs. Adding to this is the turnover realized through cruise shipping by coach operators, railways, travel agents for shore excursions, utilities, supply and disposal companies, shipping agents, pilots and port operators.


15 cruise liners availed themselves of the opportunity to discharge so-called grey water directly from the ship into the public waste water system during 92 port calls this year. In total 23,000 cubic meters of ship's waste water were disposed of, nearly 2,000 cubic meters less than last year.