Parking Facilities Hafen Rostock

Parking facilities at the Rostock port

Due to the dramatic increase in ferry and Ro-Ro traffic at the Rostock seaport in recent years, it has become necessary to reorganize the ferry terminal and the parking areas for cars and trucks.

The parking facilities at the Rostock seaport are intended to better regulate traffic and optimize the use of scarce open areas at the port.

Parking facilities as pdf-file

P1 - Ferry Center (short-term parking)

Parking time:
up to 1 hour free with parking disc

P2 - south of Ferry Center

Parking time:
uo to 2 hours           free
3 hours and more    0.50 € each additional hour
day ticket                 5.00 € for cars

P4 - west of port access road

Parking time:
1st hour                          free
per hour                         0.50 €
day ticket                       3.00 €
seven-day ticket            7,00 €
permanent parking    250.00 € per year

P5 - pier II north of office buildings (truck parking)

Parking time:
up to 24 hours free
more than 24 hours:  10.00 €per day and 0.50 € each additional hour



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